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Expanded Metal Mesh By material


  • Aluminum expanded Metal Mesh has good strength-to-weight rate, AGICO supplies it with various patterns and sizes.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Expanded Metal is made from carbon steel sheet with processes of cut to size and expansion.

Expanded Metal Mesh By Application:


  • AGICO exports expanded metal mesh product in the following types: standard(raised) type and flattened type expanded metal mesh.
  • Expanded metal mesh can be supplied according to its pattern and application, such as micro-expanded metal mesh and expanded metal mesh grating.
Flattened Expanded Metal
Standard Expanded Metal
Micro Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal Grating
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Expanded Metal Mesh Standard


  • Asian country standards such as Singapore, Japan and Thailand.
  • North America Standard: Canada, America, Brazil.
  • Product range covers raised and flattened expanded metal mesh.

Expanded Metal Mesh Manufacturing Process

Expanded metal mesh manufacturing involves with an expanding machine, with the operation of feeding metal sheet into it, the metal sheet would form expanded hole pattern with uniform opening sizes. And after the process of leveling and cutting to size, a quality check would be taken to ensure the dimensions are in the right range, then it can go through surface treatment, then packing.

The die called knife or blade presses the metal sheet, repeately stretch the steel sheet and making consistant holes. In production, the expanding equipment is programed to be half automatic operated, with workers help to feed and pack the final product.

Expanded Metal Mesh Production Line
Expanded Metal Mesh Production Line Drawing

The production of expanded metal involves utilizing an expanding machine that transforms solid metal sheets and coils into an expanded metal mesh. This machine is equipped with a knife or called blade that determines the pattern for the mesh. As the metal is fed through the machine, it undergoes a pressured slitting and stretching process, which simultaneously cuts and stretches it.

Raised and Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh

Raised Expanded metal mesh is featured with diamond shaped holes with raised surface, it can be fabricated into flattened type, or it can be used directly as safety grating walkway for its excellent slip resistance.
Flattend expanded metal mesh is produced by leveling machin or cold rolling machine from raised expanded metal mesh, its smooth surface make it suitable for applications such as decoration or filtration.

Flattened and standard expanded metal mesh
  • Strength Flattened expanded metal mesh is generally considered stronger than the standard type. The flattening process increases the surface area and reduces the thickness of the metal, resulting in a more rigid and durable product.
  • Thickness The thickness of expanded metal mesh is an essential factor in determining its strength and durability. Standard expanded metal mesh typically comes in thicknesses ranging from 0.03 inches to 0.25 inches. Flattened expanded metal mesh is generally thinner and lighter than the standard type, making it easier to fabricate and install.
  • Standard Pattern The form that expanded metal exhibits when it comes straight off the expanding press. Strands of standard expanded metal are angled-rather than fixed on a horizontal plane, giving it a bumpy feel and appearance. Often superior in structural properties to the parent metal and always to its equivalent flattened product.
  • Flattened Type A standard product that has been milled until it is completely flat and level with all the ridges taken out. Compared to standard metal, flattened type is thinner, flatter and longer. Suitable for applications where a lower risk of abrasion and aesthetic appearance are required.

Application of Raised and Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh

Flattened expanded metal mesh is used in applications that prioritize aesthetics and a smooth surface. The flattened strands make it more suitable for decorative purposes, architectural elements, signage, cladding, and filtration systems where a uniform and visually appealing surface is desired. It may also be used in certain industrial applications where a flat surface is required.
Raised expanded metal mesh The raised strands provide added strength and stability, making it suitable for applications such as grating, fencing, walkways, machine guards, and security panels. The openings between the strands allow for good airflow and visibility.

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