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Steel Grating Introduction

Steel Grating Supplied from AGICO

Steel grating is a bar grating product made of flat steel arranged in a cross pattern with a certain spacing and crossbars, and welded to form a steel plate with square grids in the middle. Carbon steel is commonly used to make steel bar grating, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized to prevent oxidation. It is widely used in alloys, construction materials, power plants, boilers, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, chemical industry, general industrial plants, municipal construction, and other industries. It has advantages such as ventilation and light transmission, anti-slip properties, strong load-bearing capacity, aesthetically pleasing and durable, easy to clean, and easy to install.

AGICO is a steel grating manufacturer in China, welded steel bar grating is a product formed by arranging load-bearing flat steel bars and crossbars at a certain spacing, welding them together using a high-pressure resistance welding machine, and then processing them according to customer requirements, such as cutting, drilling, and edging. The other type of steel grating is press-locked bar grating.

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Methods of Naming Steel Bar Grating Models:

The model of steel bar grating varies based on the specifications of the load-bearing flat steel, the combination spacing of the load-bearing flat steel and crossbars, the structural form of the steel grating, the appearance of the load-bearing flat steel, and the surface treatment status. There are multiple specifications and the method of representing the model is shown in the figure.

Steel Bar Grating Types:

AGICO supplies mainly 3 types of steel bar grating: W-type bar grating (Welded Custom Galvanized Bar Grating ), SL-type bar grating(Swage-Locked Custom Galvanized Bar Grating), DT-type bar grating(Dovetail Custom Press-Locked Bar Grating).

Steel Grating Model Open Area Application
19-W-4 19-DT-4
78%Bearing bars spaced at 1-3/16″ on center and cross bars at 4″ on center. The workhorse of industrial flooring, popular for platforms, catwalks, mezzanines, and stairways.
19-W-2 19-0T-2
73%Bearing bars spaced at 1-3/16″ on center and cross bars at 2“ on center. Excellent for short spans and applications where small wheeled carts continuously cross the grating surface.
15-W-4 15-DT-4 15-SL-475%Bearing bars spaced at 15/16″ on center and cross bars at 4″ on center. The closer spaced bearing bars increase load capacity by more than 26% when compared to similar gratings produced with bearing bars at 1-3/16″ on center.
15-W-2 15-DT-2 15-SL-269%Bearing bars spaced at 15/16″ on center and cross bars at 2″ on center. The closer spaced bearing bars and cross bars provide additional flooring surface to support pedestrian and wheeled traffic.
68%Bearing bars spaced at 11/16″ on center and cross bars at either 4″ or 2″ on center. Types 11-4 and 11-2 with 3/16″ thick bearing bars comply with the spacing requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For ADA installations, specify that the bearing bars span perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic.
58%Bearing bars spaced at 1/2″ on center and cross bars at 4″ or 2″ on center. Types 8-4 and 8-2 comply with ADA spacing requirements. These products are popular for material handling platforms and mezzanines subject to continuous cart and dolly traffic.
53%Bearing bars spaced at 7/16″ on center and cross bars at 4″ or 2″ on center. Types 7-4 and 7-2 comply with AOA spacing requirements and are popular for applications in the public way. When specified with 3/16” thick bearing bars, 7-4 and 7-2 gratings have a net 1/4″ clear opening between the bearing bars and commonly reject intrusion by high heeled shoes.

Steel Bar Grating Product Series:

Bar Grating Series 1: This series of steel grating has a center spacing of 30mm. Since the load-bearing capacity of the steel grating is determined by the flat steel, this series has the smallest spacing and the strongest load-bearing capacity. It is widely used. As shown in the figure.

Bar Grating Series 2: This series of steel grating has a center spacing of 40mm. It requires less material and has a lighter weight compared to Series 1, offering a higher cost-effectiveness. It is mainly used in situations with smaller spans and is the most ideal type. As shown in the figure.

Bar Grating Series 3: This series of steel grating has a center spacing of 60mm. It is most suitable for the mining industry and other engineering needs. When using this series of steel grating, select the one with a crossbar spacing of 100mm. As shown in the figure.

Advantages of Using Steel Grating Product:

  • Material savings: It is the most material-efficient way under the same load conditions, which can reduce the material of supporting structures accordingly.
  • Cost reduction: Material savings, reduced labor, shortened construction period, and elimination the need for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easy installation: It can be easily fixed onto pre-installed supports using bolts or welding, requiring only one person to complete it.
  • Time-saving: The product does not require on-site processing, allowing for rapid installation.
  • Durability: It is treated with hot-dip galvanization for corrosion resistance before leaving the factory, providing strong impact and heavy load-bearing capabilities.
  • Modern aesthetics: It has an appealing appearance, follows design standards, and offers ventilation and light transmission, providing a sense of modernity.
  • Lightweight structure: It requires less material and is lightweight, making it easy to lift.
  • Prevention of debris accumulation: It does not accumulate rainwater, ice, or dust.
  • Reduced wind resistance: Due to its good ventilation, it has minimal wind resistance during strong winds, reducing wind-induced damage.
  • Simplified design: It eliminates the need for small supporting beams, simplifies the structure, and streamlines the design process. Steel grating does not require detailed drawings; only the model needs to be specified, and the manufacturer can assist in designing the layout.

How To Calculate Steel Grating Weight:

The weight of steel bar grating refers to the theoretical weight after edging and surface treatment (excluding non-surface-treated grating). Actual weight may vary due to different edging, perforations, and notches. In industrial platform steel grating weight calculation and delivery settlement, the theoretical weight is uniformly used as the calculation basis. For steel bar gratings with a length less than 1 meter, such as trench covers or those requiring special edging, the weight increases due to the addition of edging plates. When using flat steel for edging and the length of the steel grating is not less than 1 meter, the theoretical weight of the steel grating can be calculated using the formula below.

Calculation of Steel Bar Grating Area:

  • For steel bar gratings processed without drawings, according to the dimensions specified by the user, the area is calculated by multiplying the actual quantity of delivered steel gratings by the total width and length, including the perforated and notched parts.
  • For steel bar gratings provided with user-designed drawings, the area is calculated based on the overall dimensions specified on the drawing, including the perforated and notched parts.
  • For special steel bar gratings, as shown in the diagram, the area is calculated as Width (W) multiplied by Length (L), without deducting the notched parts.

Table of commonly used steel bar grating models and weights:

Flat Type Bearing Bar Pitch 30mm Flat Type Bearing Bar Pitch 40mm
Model Dimension mm Cross Bar Pitch(mm) Weight kg/m2 Model Dimension mm Cross Bar Pitch(mm) Weight kg/m2
G605/30/100 60*5 100 82.9 G605/40/100 60*5 100 64.1
G605/30/50 50 85.7 G605/40/50 50 67
G555/30/100 55*5 100 76.2 G555/40/100 55*5 100 59
G555/30/50 50 79 G555/40/50 50 61.8
G505/30/100 50*5 100 69 G505/40/100 50*5 100 53.9
G505/30/50 50 72.4 G505/40/50 50 56.7
G455/30/100 45*5 100 62.9 G455/40/100 45*5 100 47
G455/30/50 50 65.7 G455/40/50 50 49.8
G405/30/100 40*5 100 56.2 G405/40/100 40*5 100 42.1
G405/30/50 50 59 G405/40/50 50 44.9
G403/30/100 40*3 100 34.9 G403/40/100 40*3 100 26.1
G403/30/50 50 37.7 G403/40/50 50 29.2
G355/30/100 35*5 100 49.5 G355/40/100 35*5 100 38.5
G355/30/50 50 52.3 G355/40/50 50 41.3
G353/30/100 35*3 100 30.8 G353/40/100 35*3 100 24.2
G353/30/50 50 33.6 G353/40/50 50 27
G325/30/100 32*5 100 45.5 G325/30/100 32*5 100 34.2
G325/30/50 50 48.4 G325/40/50 50 37.1
G323/30/100 32*3 100 28.4 G323/40/100 32*3 100 21.7
G323/30/50 50 31.3 G323/40/50 50 24.5
G255/30/100 25*5 100 36.2 G255/40/100 25*5 100 27.4
G255/30/50 50 39 G255/40/50 50 30.2
G253/30/100 25*3 100 22.8 G253/40/100 25*3 100 17.5
G253/30/50 50 25.7 G253/40/50 50 20.4
G205/30/100 20*5 100 29.5 G205/40/100 20*5 100 22.5

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