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Hot-dip Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh
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Galvanized Expanded Metal Specification

Hot Dip Galvanized Expanded Metal is a durable and versatile metal mesh that is widely used in various industries due to its exceptional strength, resilience, and resistance to environmental factors.

Pattern Number:

AG-274080, other type

Raw Material:

Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Black HRPO



Surface Treatment:

Hot dip Galvanized

Hot Dip Galvanized Expanded Metal Description

Galvanized expanded metal mesh has additional protection zinc layer for rust or corrosion, it is made from high quality galvanized steel sheet,after streching and leveling, it can be processed into flat type and raised type expanded metal mesh.

Galvanized expanded metal can be produced in various patterns and shapes for wide range of applications. The manufacture method include 2 steps, slitting(cut to size) and stretching(create patterns). As it has lightweight and high strength for carrying heavy loads,it is suitable for environment with extreme temperature and harsh weather contitions.

Flattened Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh Available Dimensions

Hot Dipped Galvanized Flattened Expanded Metal
Style Weight in
Standard   Size
in feet
SWD LWD Size of   Strands 
in inches
1/4″ #20 83 4X8 0.255 1.030 0.086 0.03
1/4″ #18 111 4X8 0.255 1.030 0.086 0.04
1/2″ #20 40 4X8 0.500 1.260 0.07 0.029
1/2″ #18 66 4X8,4X10,5X10 0.500 1.260 0.109 0.039
1/2″ #16 82 4X8,4X10,5X10 0.500 1.260 0.103 0.05
1/2″ #13 140 4X8,4X10,5X10 0.500 1.260 0.122 0.07
3/4″ #16 51 4X8,4X10,5X10 0.923 2.100 0.115 0.048
3/4″ #14 63 4X8,4X10,5X10 0.923 2.100 0.119 0.061
3/4″ #13 75 4X8,4X10,5X10 0.923 2.100 0.119 0.07
3/4″ #10 114 4X8 0.923 2.100 0.16 0.07
3/4″ #9 171 4X8,4X10,5X10 0.923 2.100 0.164 0.12
1″   #10  165 4X8 1.090 2.560 0.16 0.11
1 1/2″   #16 38 4X8 1.330 3.200 0.123 0.048
1 1/2″   #14 46 4X8,4X10,5X10 1.330 3.200 0.138 0.06
1 1/2″   #13  57 4X8,4X10,5X10 1.330 3.200 0.138 0.07
1 1/2″   #12 66 4X8 1.330 3.200 0.116 0.085
1 1/2″   #10 165 4X8 1.330 3.200 0.188 0.11
1 1/2 “ #9 111 4X8,4X10,5X10 1.330 3.200 0.175 0.11

AGICO supplies Hot Dip Galvanized Expanded Metal in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and patterns to meet the needs of various applications. It has been adopted in many projects due to features of superior ventilation, light transmission, and visibility while also providing optimal security and protection in a range of industrial, commercial, and architectural applications.

Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh Production

Galvanized expanded metal mesh production involves the following steps:

Galvanized Sheet Slitting

Cutting the galvanized sheet or coil to required size, usually it means the width, the length of steel sheet can be customized according to customer requirement later.

Galvanized Sheet Expanding

 the expanding machine installed with different dies to form different patterns, it is always a series of matches of diamond shaped openings.

Galvanized Sheet Flattening(Cold Rolling)

Cold rolling can fabricate the raised type galvanized steel mesh into flat type galvanized steel mesh.

Quality control

Quality control measures are taken throughout the production process to ensure that the galvanized expanded mesh meets the required specifications. This includes inspecting the raw materials – galvanized steel sheet size and quality, monitoring the production process, and test strength, durability, and uniformity.

Galvanized Expanded Metal Feature

Hot Dip Galvanized Expanded Metal is widely used in many industrial, commercial and architectural applications for its advanced features listed below:

  1. Durability: The zinc layer can extend the expanded metal mesh service life up to 30 or more years in normal weather conditions.
  2. Customizable: Galvanized expanded metal is customizable in patterns, sizes and thickness, which is determined by the special die, dimension requirement and raw material galvanized steel sheet thickness.
  3. Easy to Install: Galvanized expanded metal mesh can be installed easily, customer can choose from welding, bolting and clamping,the install and uninstall can be accomplished with high efficiency.
  4. Superior Ventilation: The special hole patterns of hot dip galvanized expanded metal with good ventilation, which makes sun light and air could easily go through,which makes it works well in HVAC systems and ventilation ducts.
  5. Optimal Visibility: With reasonable design, galvanized expanded metal can be used as fencing and security  barrier, the hole pattern can offer good visibility from both sides or just one side, so as to be used for privacy purpose.

Beside Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh, galvanized expanded metal is also a most commonly used product, customer can choose based on needs on special patterns, service life, cost, surface treatment, if you need help on how to choose, contact us now for more specific advices.

Galvanized Expanded Metal Type

Hot Dip Galvanized Expanded Metal is available in different types to suit a wide range of applications. Here are the 3 primary types:

Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh
Standard (raised) Expanded Metal Mesh

Standard Galvanized Expanded Metal: It is the most cost-effective type expanded metal mesh, which can be produced with the expanding process,with no further processing, it is mostly used for industrial anti-slip walkway or as barriers.

Flattened Galvanized Expanded Metal: Featured with smooth and flat surface, flattened galvanized expanded metal has better outlook than raised type, so it is ideal to make facades, railing and grilles of architectural for decorative purpose.

Micro Galvanized Expanded Metal: The tiny fine mesh hole patterns make it suitable for filtration and seperation, such as HVAC, oil and gas, water treatment; the quality of micro expanded metal is mainly decided by micro hole quality.

Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh Application:

Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh is a versatile material that offers a range of applications due to its unique features and benefits. Here are some common applications of Galvanized Expanded Metal Mesh:

Fencing Screening Walkways and Platforms
Machine Guards Architectural Features Filtration
  1. Fencing: Such as security fencing, boundary fencing, and garden fencing, etc.
  2. Screening: It has uniform mesh pattern holes, and it can be used for air conditioning units and vents.
  3. Walkways and Platforms: It providing a safe and durable surface for foot traffic.
  4. Machine Guards: Featured with durability and strength. It provides a safe and secure barrier around machinery, protecting workers from potential hazards.
  5. Architectural Features: It is a cost-effective building facades, sunscreens, and decorative panels.
  6. Filtration: It is widely used for air filtration, oil filtration, and water filtration.

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