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Sell Steel Grating for Marine – Ship and Offshore Facilities

Marine Steel Grating Solutions In the field of marine engineering and shipbuilding, steel grating or bar grating is known as “popular flooring solutions” because of their superior performance and wide range of applications. AGICO …

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Diamond Ring Fastening for Grip Strut Plank

Grip Strut Grating Install Tips and Accessories

How Should Grip Strut Grating Be Installed: Grip strut grating install, or grip strut grating fastening, is decided by its types and application requirements, in some occasions it is required to be fixed to …

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Grip Strut Plate

Buy Grip Strut Plate from Anti-Slip Plate from AGICO

Grip Strut Plate Introduction Grip strut plate, also known as crocodile mouth plate in China, play a crucial role in ensuring safety across various industries and environments. AGICO is a professional supplier which is …

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Micro Hole Expanded Aluminum Mesh

Full Introduction of Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foil – AGICO

What are Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils? Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils, a unique product from AGICO, a known leader in metal manufacturing, are transforming the way we see and use metals in many industries. These …

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Find More Expanded Metal Types and Applications from AGICO

Expanded metal, a versatile and practical product in the metal industry, significantly graces varied sectors, providing innovative solutions. AGICO, an experienced supplier in the field of metal manufacturing, splendidly crafts expanded metal with tailor-made …

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perforated metal sheet fabrication

Tips for Using Perforated Metal in Various Applications

Choose Perforated Metal from AGICO Perforated metal, or sometimes called perforated metal sheet, perforated plate, or perforated screen, is a game-changer in many industries. AGICO, a renowned name in metal manufacturing, is known for …

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Galvanized Grip Strut Walkway Channel

Select Between Grip Strut and Expanded Metal Walkway Channel

In the world of industrial design and structural planning, engineers and design professionals are often faced with the challenge of choosing the most appropriate and beneficial materials for their projects. Two popular choices for …

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Galvanized Heavy Duty Steel Grating

Heavy Duty Steel Grating Cost and Unique Features

Heavy Duty Steel Grating Development In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, safety and efficiency are paramount. Factories and industrial facilities demand reliable solutions that can withstand the rigors of heavy usage while ensuring …

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Grip Strut Plank

Exploring the Differences Between Safety Grating and Bar Grating

Here is an insightful introduction of steel gratings- safety grating and bar grating, their structures provide safety walking pathways in industrial environments. If you are wondering which one to choose, here are the differences …

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Heavy Duty Raised Expanded Metal Mesh

Achieving Optimal Strength and Durability with 6063 Alloy Aluminum Grating

6063 Alloy Aluminum Grating Introduction One popular type of aluminum alloy grating is made from aluminum 6063, with magnesium and silicon as its main alloying elements, forming Mg2Si phase. The addition of manganese and …

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