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Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh For University Library

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Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh For University Library

Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling Library
Expanded Metal Sheet Ceiling Structure

The main product for this project is aluminum expanded metal mesh used for the ceiling of Shanxi Taiyuan Normal University Library, which our company undertook last year. The library is irregularly sized with lighting fixtures in the middle, requiring perforation for the entire project of over 10,000 square meters. Our company dispatched personnel to the site to measure each lighting fixture’s position, aiming for perfection.

The ceiling type for the project was confirmed as a net frame ceiling made of expanded metal mesh. To reduce the error range on the floor, our company developed specialized ceiling profiles, which not only resolved the problem of curved corners when bending the plates but also added reinforcing ribs to make the profiles more sturdy.

Library Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling Effect
Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling Effect

Our company provided the expanded metal mesh ceiling accessories for the entire project, including main and secondary keels and ceilings, saving the construction team a lot of labor and material costs, and receiving unanimous recognition.

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