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Marine Steel Grating Solutions

In the field of marine engineering and shipbuilding, steel grating or bar grating is known as “popular flooring solutions” because of their superior performance and wide range of applications. AGICO sells marine steel grating product for various offshore applications, they provide solid structural support to the ship and play an important role in anti-skid, safety, and durability. After reading this article, you will get an in-depth understanding of the material selection and special performance of marine steel grating.

Oil and Gas Platforms

Docks and Piers

Work Platforms

Fishing Vessel

Marinas & Floating Structure

Aquaculture Facilities

Where are Marine Steel Gratings Used

Oil and Gas Offshore PlatformsWalkways, platforms, stairs
Docks and PiersLoading and unloading cargo
Fishing VesselsDecks, processing areas
Marinas and Floating StructuresWalkways, gangways, maintenance platforms
Aquaculture FacilitiesWalkways, operational platforms

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Material Selection of Marine Steel Grating

Aluminum Steel Grating

  • Lightweight: Compared with other materials, aluminum has a lighter weight, which reduces the transportation cost, and the load on the ship and improves navigation efficiency.
  • Corrosion resistance and easy processing: Aluminum alloy also has good corrosion resistance and is easy to process and shape, adapting to a variety of complex structural requirements.

Galvanized Steel Grating

  • Anti-corrosion Performance for Sea Environment: It has hot-dip galvanized surface which can effectively resists salt corrosion in seawater to have long service life.
  • Economical and affordable for most project: ade mainly from carbon and low alloy steel bars, which is relatively low cost, making it suitable for large-scale applications and offering significant economic benefits.

Stainless Steel Grating

  • Excellent corrosion resistance: It is particularly suitable for marine environments due to its superior corrosion resistance. Even if exposed to seawater for a long time, it can maintain structural integrity.
  • High Strength and Durability: Stainless steel has excellent strength and durability and can withstand high loads and harsh marine climate conditions.


Years Of Experience

Steel Gratings are essential in many areas of a ship, while in some places do not need them: such as Cabins and Rest Areas, Engine Rooms, and Control Rooms.

Application of Marine Steel Grating for Ship

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  • Gangways and Stairs As the main passages for crew and passengers. Steel Gratings provide better grip, especially in wet or inclined conditions, effectively preventing accidents.
  • Work Platforms Steel Grating ensures the safety of crew members during maintenance and operations, reducing accidents and increasing efficiency.
  • Emergency Escape Routes Steel Grating walkway ensures quick and safe evacuation for the crew in emergencies.

Performance Of Marine Steel Grating

Anti-slip Performance: Fabricated with a perforated anti-slip texture (toothed structure or other pattern), steel gratings of marine series can effectively prevent slipping for crew members, ensuring operation safety on board.They are widely used in areas on ships, such as ship decks, platforms, stairways, etc.

High Load Capacity: Structural strength: Made from high-strength materials and can endure the weight of heavy equipment and large cargo, marine steel gratings can guarantee the ship’s stability in diverse sea conditions. Safety assurance: Even when under high loads, steel gratings maintain strong structural integrity to ensure the safety of ships and personnel.

Corrosion Performance: The application of galvanized treatment, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy materials makes the steel grating and steel grille have excellent corrosion resistance in seawater environments and prolongs the service life.

Easy To Install And Maintain: The modular design of steel grating makes the installation process simple and quick, saving manpower and time costs. With a smooth surface and good anti-fouling performance, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain, which effectively reduces the difficulty of ship maintenance.

Why Choose aGICO

15 years Experience

With a rich experience spanning over 15 years, AGICO has been focusing on the manufacturing and customization of steel grating product series for marine environments, including material and surface treatment.

ISO Certification-Superior Quality

AGICO has ISO certification and extensive industry experience. We take pride in delivering products of superior quality.

Strict Quality Control

Our strict quality control processes are always in place to ensure that each product meets the exact specifications provided by our customers.

One-Stop Service

We are aimed to offer substantial discounts for large projects and orders, along with a complimentary sample test and personalized customization services.

Marine Steel Grating Available Dimensions For Sale:

Steel Grating ModelOpen AreaApplication
19-W-4 19-DT-4
78%Bearing bars spaced at 1-3/16″ on center and cross bars at 4″ on center. The workhorse of industrial flooring, popular for platforms, catwalks, mezzanines, and stairways.
19-W-2 19-0T-2
73%Bearing bars spaced at 1-3/16″ on center and cross bars at 2“ on center. Excellent for short spans and applications where small wheeled carts continuously cross the grating surface.
15-W-4 15-DT-4 15-SL-475%Bearing bars spaced at 15/16″ on center and cross bars at 4″ on center. The closer spaced bearing bars increase load capacity by more than 26% when compared to similar gratings produced with bearing bars at 1-3/16″ on center.
15-W-2 15-DT-2 15-SL-269%Bearing bars spaced at 15/16″ on center and cross bars at 2″ on center. The closer spaced bearing bars and cross bars provide additional flooring surface to support pedestrian and wheeled traffic.
68%Bearing bars spaced at 11/16″ on center and cross bars at either 4″ or 2″ on center. Types 11-4 and 11-2 with 3/16″ thick bearing bars comply with the spacing requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For ADA installations, specify that the bearing bars span perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic.
58%Bearing bars spaced at 1/2″ on center and cross bars at 4″ or 2″ on center. Types 8-4 and 8-2 comply with ADA spacing requirements. These products are popular for material handling platforms and mezzanines subject to continuous cart and dolly traffic.
53%Bearing bars spaced at 7/16″ on center and cross bars at 4″ or 2″ on center. Types 7-4 and 7-2 comply with AOA spacing requirements and are popular for applications in the public way. When specified with 3/16” thick bearing bars, 7-4 and 7-2 gratings have a net 1/4″ clear opening between the bearing bars and commonly reject intrusion by high heeled shoes.

Marine Steel Grating

Outstanding Performance for Ship

There are areas on Ships That Do Not Require Steel Grating Planks,While steel gratings are essential in many areas of a ship, some places do not need them: such as Cabins and Rest Areas, Engine Rooms, and Control Rooms.

steel Grating Features

High Load Capacity
Corrosion Performance
Night activities

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