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Select Between Grip Strut and Expanded Metal Walkway Channel

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Select Between Grip Strut and Expanded Metal Walkway Channel

In the world of industrial design and structural planning, engineers and design professionals are often faced with the challenge of choosing the most appropriate and beneficial materials for their projects. Two popular choices for ensuring safety and robustness in walkways are Grip Strut and Expanded Metal Walkway Channels. AGICO here highlights the crucial differences and advantages between the two, thereby aiding in making a more informed choice.

Grip Strut Walkway Channel

Grip Strut Walkway Channels are widely celebrated for their superior safety features. Designed with an open diamond pattern, these channels offer excellent slip resistance under various conditions, such as oil, water, mud, or even ice. This design provides a gripping surface and allows debris to pass through, ensuring the walkway remains clear and walkable.

Grip Strut Walkway Channel

Moreover, the Grip Strut Walkway Channels also provide cost-efficiency as they are manufactured from high-strength steel, lasting longer than other traditional walkway materials. Their serrated surface significantly decreases accidents, saving both time and costs incurred due to workplace injury.

Expanded Walkway Channel

On the other hand, we have Expanded Walkway Channels which are formed from a solid piece of metal, then expanded and framed to form a walkway channel. The primary advantage here is the material’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio. This results in walkways that are not only robust but also lightweight and thus easier to install.

Expanded Metal Walkway Channel

These channels are also incredibly versatile and can be manufactured in various materials, widths, and lengths. Furthermore, with adequate surface finish, expanded walkway channels provide good slip resistance and allow the unhindered flow of light, air, and fluids.

Grip Strut Walkway Channel Common Dimensions

Type Width Height Thickness Length
Type A 10 inches 2 inches 1/8 inch 24 feet
Type B 12 inches 2.5 inches 1/8 inch 24 feet
Type C 14 inches 3 inches 1/8 inch 24 feet
Type D 16 inches 4 inches 3/16 inch 24 feet

Grip Strut vs. Expanded Walkway Channels

  • Both Grip Strut and Expanded Walkway Channels prove essential in their ways. The choice between them comes down to the project’s specific requirements.
  • For environments where safety against slips and falls ranks as the top priority, the open diamond pattern and high slip resistance of Grip Strut Walkway Channels would be ideal. However, in situations where the material’s strength-to-weight ratio and installation ease are essential, choosing an Expanded Walkway Channel would be more beneficial.
  • Regardless of the choice, it is crucial to consider the environment in which the walkway will be used and to consult with a professional to get the best product for the specific needs of the project to ensure functionality, safety, and longevity.

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