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Grip Strut Grating Install Tips and Accessories

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How Should Grip Strut Grating Be Installed:

M Type Clamp
Diamond Ring
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Grip strut grating install, or grip strut grating fastening, is decided by its types and application requirements, in some occasions it is required to be fixed to the steel structure frame for long-term use, such as walkways in factory, ladder rungs, stair treads, welding is the right choice. For some cases where it might be disassembled shortly, and be reinstalled in other applications, bolt and clamp or anchor plate shall be the right choice.

Grip Strut Grating Fastening Accessories:

What is Grating Clamps?

Grating Clamps are customized plate and bolt fasteners that allow safety grating such as grip strut grating to be attached to steel structures. Using grating clamps to build the grip strut grating structure brings many advantages. For example, it is a perfect choice for industrial environments where drilling and welding are impossible.

Why Choose AGICO

  •  Steel grating accessories are used to install and fix steel grating.
  • High strength and resistance to stress.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • Do not damage the galvanized layer.
  • It can be demolished at any time, reused.
  • Easy to install.
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AGICO supplies various types of grip strut grating assembly parts mainly in form of diamond rings with bolts, M-type clamps with bolts, Anchor plates with bolts, and splice plates with bolts.

Diamond Ring and Bolt

The diamond ring functions as the anchor plate in the installation, it is typically made of durable metal, usually laser cutted according to the size of the grip strut opening, providing stability and support. Bolts are added to fix the diamond rings to the supporting structure base, as well as the grip strut plank.

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M Type Clamp

The M-type clamp is another anchor plate in the grip strut grating fastening. Named after its shape, it provides mechanical attachment between the grip strut gratings or grip strut grating with its frame structure. Bolts are employed to fasten the M-type clamp securely, enhancing stability and structural integrity.

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Anchor plate

Anchor plates are used to fasten 2 grip strut grating to 1 I beam structure, enhancing the stability of the grip strut grating. Bent Bolts are employed to connect anchor plates firmly to grating sections, providing a reliable structure for grating system.

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Splice Plate

Splice plates are used as connecting parts of grip strut grating, ensuring a seamless and continuous surface. Customers can easily use bolts to fasten the splice plates securely to grating section’s ends.

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Welding or Bolting for Grip Strut Grating Installation Tips:

Welding or bolting, to decide which method is better for your grip strut grating project, there are several tips from AGICO:

  • Structural Requirements: Welding offers a more permanent and rigid connection, and provides high structural integrity. While bolting allows for easier disassembly and reassembly, which can be more cost-effective for temporary installations.
  • Installation Time and Cost: Welding would cost more time and extra welding equipment, it has higher installation costs. The bolting method can be accomplished faster and requires no specialized labor such as a welder.
  • Accessibility: If the installation site is difficult to access or if there is no room for welding equipment to reach, bolting is the second choice.
  • Material Compatibility: If the grating support structure is made of materials that are not weldable, or it is not a better choice to destroy the original structure, then bolting is a better choice.  
  • Maintenance: If future maintenance or modifications are anticipated, bolting may be more convenient since it allows for easier disassembly without damaging the components.

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