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Full Introduction of Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foil – AGICO

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Full Introduction of Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foil – AGICO

What are Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils?

Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils, a unique product from AGICO, a known leader in metal manufacturing, are transforming the way we see and use metals in many industries. These metal foils, marked by their tiny holes, are both efficient and multi-functional, ensuring a broad spectrum of uses.

Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils are a type of expanded metal, designed by creating numerous micro-sized holes in a metal sheet. It is a single, continuous piece of material, which displays an amazing strength-to-weight ratio. Despite its perforated nature, it retains a high level of toughness and durability without compromising on the overall weight.

Manufacturing Process of Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foil

Micro Hole Expanded Metal Mesh Production

Much like regular expanded metal, the production of Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils involves a 2-step process: cutting and stretching. A metal sheet is first cut and then meticulously stretched to create numerous micro-holes without dislocating the interconnected metal strands. This ensures a better strength-to-weight ratio than traditional sheet metal. The result: a piece of metal of uniform size and shape, but with multiple tiny, well-placed holes covering its surface.

Features of Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foil

These metal foils present us with some unparalleled advantages. First, they offer excellent permeability. Despite the holes, they are remarkably sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. They also allow breeze, light, heat, sound, and other substances to pass through easily, making them a preferred choice in many industries.

Additionally, Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils can assume different forms to cater to various needs. They may be produced in different metal materials—ranging from aluminum, steel, stainless steel to copper and more, sized on the micrometer scale.

Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foil Applications

Micro-Hole Expanded Metal Foils from AGICO find uses in various sectors due to their unique features. Their light weight and high permeability make them a popular choice for electromagnetic shielding, a process that blocks electromagnetic fields. In the electronics industry, these foils are useful for developing robust battery electrodes, enhance fuel cells performance, and electronics packaging.

In addition, these foils play a crucial role in filtration processes. They make for efficient and reliable filters in technology-driven systems where liquid and gas need separation or substance screening. Their customizable mesh sizes and high durability make them particularly suitable for such needs. Apart from these areas, they can also be used in the creation of special paper, sound and heat insulation, and even in the textile industry for certain weaving applications.

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