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Find More Expanded Metal Types and Applications from AGICO

Expanded metal, a versatile and practical product in the metal industry, significantly graces varied sectors, providing innovative solutions. AGICO, an experienced supplier in the field of metal manufacturing, splendidly crafts expanded metal with tailor-made approaches according to individual requirements.

Fundamentally, expanded metal is a single, firm piece of material that has been strategically cut and stretched. The final product is a continuous piece of mesh that can be molded according to numerous applications. The process gives an uncompromising strength-to-weight ratio while allowing free passage of light, heat, sound, and air, among others.

Expanded Metal Types and Applications

The categories of expanded metal are predominantly divided into standard expanded metal and flattened expanded metal. The standard variant retains the diamond-shaped openings resulting from the metal’s expansion. Contrarily, flattened expanded metal undergoes an additional process where the raised surface is passed through a cold roll press to smoothen and flatten it further.
Vogue constructions often adopt expanded metal’s designs in their architectural facets, as it offers aesthetic properties in addition to their robust physicality. Architects make use of this material due to its exceptional flexibility, designing extravagant facades, cladding, or sunscreens that increase the green rating of buildings while offering resistance to various elements.

Apart from offering an architectural aesthetic, AGICO’s expanded metal finds broad-based acceptance in multiple applications such as safety, both indoors and outdoors. Incorporated significantly in walkways, stair treads, or ramps, the expended metal provides excellent slip resistance due to its raised surface. Thereby, it ensures safety, particularly in industries or premises that encounter high footfall or heavy machinery movement.

Expanded Metal Used in Industries

  • In the realm of industrial settings, AGICO’s expanded metal boasts its usage extensively, adding guards to machinery or creating barriers for segregation, providing adequate security. Since expanded metal maintains high durability and tensile strength, it prevents any mishaps, keeping safety in check.
  • The agricultural sector also reaps the benefits of expanded metal made by AGICO. From fencing, and protecting crops from animals to creating reinforced barriers for livestock, the material proves to function with perfection.
  • Another fascinating application of AGICO’s expanded metal is as an efficient filter in systems that require separation or substance screening. The customizable mesh sizes enable the material to perform with superior industrial-level filtering for gases and liquids.
  • Furthermore, air, sound and heat methodologies acquiescently employ expanded metal to cultivate efficiency.

Expanded Metal Offered from AGICO

Making the grade in expanded metal products, AGICO offers the flexibility of customization, catering to application-specific needs. Creating distinct products with different materials like aluminum, stainless steel, or metal alloys, AGICO can perfectly tailor solutions utilizing expanded metal’s distinguished characteristics.
Expanded metal, in its resourcefulness and adaptability, has revolutionized numerous industries. It is in our everyday lives, from enhancing the buildings we see to the safety of the bridges we use, to industries that we rely upon. AGICO stands tall with its innovative, reliable, and versatile products, shaping a safer, more efficient world with expanded metal.

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