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Where to Buy Grip Strut Planks

There are many grip strut plank manufacturers on the internet, customers may want to buy safety grating products considering the location, except for searching for grip strut plank near me on the internet, quality and price should also be considered. AGICO is one of the most experienced steel product exporters in China, choose AGICO for its outstanding sales service and best quality. If you are looking for a grip strut plank supplier, the following frequently asked questions are listed for you, check them before sending your quotation now!

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Frequently Asked Questions of Grip Strut Plank Purchase

What is Grip Strut Plank Dimension Range?

Grip Strut Plank Dimension come in various sizes and specifications depending on their application, and there is no fixed standard size. They are typically custom manufactured according to specific requirements. The length of the boards can be up to 6000mm, and the width can reach 4000mm. The finished products are available in both bent and flat types, with the bent type offering better load-bearing capacity and the flat type being relatively weaker. For larger overall dimensions, additional support such as reinforcing ribs or angle irons may be used as support.

Can Grip Strut Plank be used for Heavy Load Purpose?

The load-bearing capacity of the grip strut plank depends on the thickness and overall size of the finished product. Thicker boards with smaller dimensions, especially when subjected to bending, can withstand significant weights, often up to 3 tons or more. In practical applications, the load-bearing capacity of the anti-slip boards is usually more than sufficient for its intended use.

Are Grip Strut Planks Manufactured according to Standards?

Grip strut planks are non-standard products with high flexibility, and they are typically customized and manufactured according to specific standards. The standard dimensions for the grip strut holes are usually around 47mm in length, 10mm in width, and a raised height of 5-10mm. If there are any special requirements for dimensions, they can be communicated to the manufacturer, and they can usually accommodate those needs.

How Much Does Grip Strut Planks Cost?

As for the pricing of grip strut planks, it can vary significantly depending on factors such as the raw materials used, product specifications, and the volume of the order. Prices can range from tens to over a hundred dollars per piece. The transparency of pricing in the market has made it easier for purchasers to compare and find suitable options based on their specific requirements.

When will Grip Strut Plank Production Start?

The production of grip strut planks is relatively straightforward, as mentioned in the manufacturing process earlier. Typically, the purchaser provides the specifications or drawings to the manufacturer. The manufacturer then provides a quotation, and upon agreement, the purchaser pays a deposit. The manufacturer proceeds with the production process as per the agreed specifications.

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