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Flattened Expanded Metal Walkway Pannel
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Expanded Metal Walkway grating Specification

When you order expanded metal walkway grating product, provide the following required specifications:

Pattern Style:

XS-31,XS-32, 1/2#18, 3/4#16, etc.

Raw Material:

Carbon Steel or hot dipped galvanized.

Sheet Dimension:

standard size 4ftx8ft, or 5ftx10ft or customize 


200 sheets or other

Surface Treatment:

Galvanized, Hot rolling, Pickling

XS Expanded Metal grating Dimension Chart

XS Expanded Metal Model Thickness
XS-31 1.2 1.5 30.5×12 1220 2440
XS-32 1.6 2 30.5×12 1220 2440
XS-32 1.6 2 30.5×12 1220 2440
XS-33 2.3 3 30.5×12 1220 2440
XS-41 1.6 2 50.8×22 1220 2440
XS-42 2.3 2.5 50.8×22 1220 2440
XS-43 3.2 3.5 50.8×22 1220 2440
XS-51 1.6 2.5 61×25 1220 2440
XS-52 2.3 3 61×25 1220 2440
XS-53 3.2 4 61×25 1220 2440
XS-61 2.3 3 76.2×34 1220 2440
XS-62 3.2 4 76.2×34 1220 2440
XS-63 4.5 5 76.2×34 1220 2440
XS-71 2.3 3.5 152.4×50 1220 2440
XS-72 3.2 4 152.4×50 1220 2440
XS-73 4.5 5 152.4×50 1220 2440
XS-81 3.2 4 203.2×75 1220 2440
XS-82 4.5 5 203.2×75 1220 2440
XS-83 6 6 203.2×75 1220 2440
XS-91 3.2 5 304.8X115 1220 2440
XS-92 4.5 6 304.8X115 1220 2440
XS-93 6 7 304.8X115 1220 2440

Expanded Metal Walkway Grating Production

The manufacturing process of expanded metal walkway grating allows for customization in terms of panel thickness, opening size, and pattern. It can be customized and produced to meet specific project requirements for you to ensure maximum safety and durability.

An expanded metal sheet as the main walkway surface is manufactured through a process of cutting and stretching a sheet of metal to create a pattern of uniform-sized openings. It has the advantages of being lightweight and sturdy with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Expanded Metal Walkway grating Applications

Expanded metal walkway grating are used in a variety of applications, including:

Both expanded metal and safety grating are commonly used for walkway panels, but there are some key differences between the two materials.

  • Walkways and footbridges: Expanded metal walkway panels provide a non-slip surface for safe pedestrian access.
  • Mezzanine floors: The lightweight and strong construction of expanded metal walkway panels make them an ideal flooring solution for mezzanine levels.
  • Catwalks: Expanded metal walkway panels can be used to create catwalks in industrial settings for safe access to elevated areas.
  • Access platforms: Expanded metal walkway panels are commonly used to create safe access platforms for industrial and construction projects.

Walkway grating Option – Expanded Metal or Perforated Metal

Expanded Metal and perforated metal can both be used in manufacturing walkway panels, they are used for different purposes, here are their advantages and disadvantages for you:

Aspect Expanded Metal Panels Perforated Metal Panels
Strength and Durability Exceptional strength and durability Suitable for precise filtration and ventilation needs
Enhanced Traction Excellent traction and slip resistance Aesthetic versatility
Cost-Effective Cost-effective solution for heavy-duty applications Smooth edges and safety
Aesthetic Options Limited aesthetics, industrial appearance Higher cost, especially for customization
Sharp Edges Potential for sharp edges Less strength in heavy-duty applications
Less Effective in Certain Applications May not be suitable for fine filtration or visibility Reduced traction in wet conditions

Expanded Metal vs. Safety Grating for Walkway Gratings

Expanded metal walkway gratings are typically lighter weight than safety grating, making them easier to handle and install. Additionally, the expanded metal design provides a larger open area for increased ventilation and light penetration.

Safety grating, on the other hand, is typically used in heavy-duty industrial applications where maximum slip resistance is required. The unique serrated surface of safety grating provides maximum traction for workers in harsh conditions.

Despite these differences, both expanded metal and safety grating can be used effectively as walkway channels. The choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the project.

Why use Expanded Metal Walkway channel as Grating

Expanded metal walkway gratings are a versatile and durable solution for a wide range of industrial and construction applications. AGICO supplies this product with customizable thickness, opening size, and pattern, it can be tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Expanded metal walkway panels are commonly used in applications such as:

  • Industrial Flooring: They provide safe walking surfaces in industrial facilities, factories, and manufacturing plants.
  • Outdoor Walkways: Expanded metal panels are used in parks, pedestrian bridges, and public spaces where a slip-resistant surface is needed.
  • Catwalks and Mezzanines: These panels are ideal for creating elevated walkways and platforms in warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities.

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