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Expanded Metal Shelve for plant
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Expanded Metal Shelve Specification

AGICO supplies expanded metal shelve with the following specifications:

Mesh Type:


Raw Material:

carbon steel, Aluminum, stainless steel

Mesh size:

23 mm × 50 mm

Plate thickness:

2 mm-3 mm

Aperture rate:


Load bearing:

55-65 kg/㎡

Surface treatment:

hot-dip galvanized zinc content 500 g/㎡

Expanded Metal Shelve Introduction

Expanded metal mesh can be made into pot shelves, plant bench, plant table for greenhouses. Manufacturing of expanded metal shelve is a time consuming work, AGICO welding equipment adopted reverse welding which makes the welding process with high quality as the welding heads welding on the warp line. The finished expanded metal shelve has denser surface and good outlook. Surface treatment can be hot or cold galvanizing for corrosion-resistance in greenhouse environment.   

Expanded metal shelve from AGICO is featured with flat surface, sturdy steel construction, high load capacity, corrosion resistance to acidic and alkaline substance. Customer can have customized dimensions and install them easily.

Expanded Metal Pot Shelve Advantages

The expanded metal mesh made into potting shelves, benches and tables for greenhouse has following advantages:

  • Uniform Mesh Design One-piece Structure is more solid compared with welded mesh, it has high load-bearing performance and durability.
  • Integrated One-piece Structure One-piece Structure is more solid compared with welded mesh, it has high load-bearing performance and durability.
  • Optional Opening Rate The opening rate can be different according to customer requirements, expanded metal shelve with large opening rate keeps the workbench clean and dry after irrigation.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Surface Hot dip galvanized surface makes the expanded metal mesh suitable for corrossive environment of greenhouse.

Why use Expanded Metal Mesh for Pot Shelve

Expanded metal mesh is a excellent material for pot shelves in greenhouse, it is cost effective with low transportation cost, provding a stable and good outlook design, prevent plant pots from slipping.

Expanded Metal Shelve for Green House

Made of high quality steel plate with expanding and further processing, expanded mesh are connected with aluminum alloy frame, horizontal support, rolling tube, hand wheel, leg frame, and other accessories.

Use Expanded Metal Shelve From AGICO

Expanding process stretches the flat steel sheet, creating diamond-shaped holes with interlocking strands, this structure increases the mesh sheet strength and rigidity, so as to use it as potting shelves in greenhouse.

In addition to being durable and long-lasting, AGICO supplies expanded metal mesh that is also versatile and can be used to create shelves of various sizes and shapes. It can be manufactured in different gauges, opening sizes, and patterns, which means customers can have customized designs of shelves to meet their specific needs.

Whether you are a professional gardener or an amateur plant enthusiast, expanded metal mesh potting shelves are a reliable and practical solution for storing your gardening essentials. They are suitable for use in greenhouses, nurseries, outdoor gardens, and indoor spaces.

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