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Expanded Aluminum Metal Bench
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Expanded Metal Mesh Bench Specification

AGICO supplies expanded metal mesh fit for metal bench production and other architectural settings, expanded metal bench is a cost-effective solution, if you are interested, here are the specifications of expanded metal mesh for metal bench fabrication.

Pattern Number


Raw Material:

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Black HRPO


According to customer requirement


optional for customer

Surface Treatment:

Galvanized, Hot rolling, Pickling, paint

Expanded Metal Bench Introduction

Expanded metal bench is a popular product fabricated from expanded metal mesh, the metal mesh sheet with a unique design is featured with strong, durable, and resistant to weathering. Metal Mesh Bench has the advantages of low maintenance requirements, easy installation, and modern aesthetic appeal.

Expande metal bench surface is covered with copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating. Thermoplastic is a environmental friendly coating method, it will not fade, crack, peel, discolor within its service life time. The layer thickness ranges from 0.8mm to 1.5mm.

Manufacture Process of Expanded Metal Mesh Metal Bench

The manufacturing process of expanded metal mesh-metal bench involves a series of steps.

  1. It typically starts with selecting high-quality raw materials such as steel or aluminum metal sheet, then forming patterns through a punching and stamping process.
  2. It is then coated with a layer of hot-dip galvanized or other protective coatings to prevent rust and corrosion.
  1. Expanded metal bench frame is welded together to form the bench structure, then attached to the bench frame using screws or other fasteners, creating a comfortable and durable seating surface.
  2. Customers may also include additional features such as armrests or backrests for added comfort and support.
  3. The final step is quality checks, this is to ensure that the metal bench is produced with no quality issues.

Why Use Expanded Metal Mesh for Metal Benches?

Expanded metal mesh offers numerous benefits for metal bench production, making it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor bench designs. Here are the features and benefits of expanded metal mesh benches.

  • Durability: It can be used for durability and long-lasting. The metal’s strength and resistance to corrosion ensure that the benches will last for many years without the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Lightweight: Despite its strength and durability, it is surprisingly lightweight. It is easy to transport and install for manufacturers and end-users.
  • Ventilation: It offers excellent ventilation, which is crucial for outdoor benches. The design allows air to flow through the bench, preventing it from getting too hot or uncomfortable to sit on.
  • Aesthetics: It is a popular choice for designers due to its unique appearance. The diamond-shaped pattern forms a distinctive look that can add visual interest to any metal bench.

Where Are Expanded Metal Mesh Benches Suitable for Use?

Expanded metal mesh benches are suitable for use in a wide range of settings, mostly outdoors. Some common application occassions include:

  • Parks: Metal benches are a popular choice for parks due to their durability and low maintenance.
  • Outdoor Sports Facilities: Benches are essential for outdoor sports facilities, providing a place for players and spectators to rest.
  • Commercial Buildings: Metal benches are often used in commercial buildings, such as shopping centers and airports, as they offer a low-maintenance seating option.
  • Residential Settings: Expanded metal mesh benches are also suitable for use in residential settings, such as gardens and patios. Their unique appearance and durability make them an attractive and practical option for outdoor seating.

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