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Expanded Metal Mesh for Machine Guard Fencing
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Expanded Metal Machine Guard Fencing Specification

AGICO supplies expanded metal mesh for machine guard fencing production, which is vastly used for protection of various equipment in factories, such as CNC machine tools, sawing machines, planers, electric machinery, grinding machines, and engraving machines.

Pattern Number:


Raw Material:

Galvanized Steel, Black HRPO


According to customer requirement

Channel Depth:

1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″

Surface Treatment:

Galvanized, Hot rolling, Pickling

Expanded Metal Mesh for Machine Guard

Expanded metal mesh is a perfect material for machine guard fencing for its durability, strength, impact resistance and penetration. It ensures the safety of workers by separating human from machines, containing hazards and equipment damage.

The expanded metal machine guard fencing is composed of several parts: metal frame, expanded steel mesh, and fasteners. Here is one solution:

  • Metal frame is produced from angle steel or square tube.
  • Expanded metal mesh is diamond shaped steel protection net, dimensions of 2.0 mm*3.0 mm, cut stems and 60 mm * 40 mm or 40 mm * 30 mm diamond hole spacing.
  • The shape and dimension of guard fencing shall fit the equipment, made of 4040-angle steel frame and a yellow (RAL1007) anti-corrosion treatment finish.
  • The expanded mesh thickness shall be 2.0mm, customer can also choose surface dipping or spray painting for anti-corrosion treatment.

It has been proved that expanded metal guard fencing can significantly reduce the risk of mechanical injury accidents for personnel who come in close proximity to machinery.

Parts of Expanded Metal Machine Guard Fencing

Expanded metal machine guard fencing is a protective barrier designed to prevent personnel from approaching dangerous machinery. The main organizational parts of the expanded metal machine guard fencing include the following:

Materials Used: Specifications: Surface Treatment:
Metal frame (angle steel and square tube) The frame is mostly 40*40 angle steel. Anti-corrosion treatment
Steel plate or perforated plate The thickness of the perforated plate is 2.0mm. Anti-corrosion treatment
Steel mesh (diamond mesh) The cut stems of the diamond-shaped steel protection net are 2.0mm * 3.0mm.
The size of the diamond-shaped hole spacing is 60mm * 40mm or 40mm * 30mm.
The external dimensions are determined according to the requirements of the equipment.
Anti-corrosion treatment
Color (usually yellow, RAL1007)

These specifications are essential in ensuring that the expanded metal machine guard fencing provides maximum protection for workers and equipment.

Why Expanded Metal Machine Guard Fencing is Important

The expanded metal machine guard fencing is crucial in ensuring the safety of workers who operate and maintain industrial machinery. These safety barriers provide protection against mechanical injury accidents that may occur when personnel approaches the machinery.

Guard Fencing for Motor
Guard Fencing for Large Machinery

However, machines are required to be inspected and maintained, if the inspection is done while the machine is running, improper installation of the guard fencing is a hidden danger to workers. Therefore, installing a safety net is necessary to ensure the safety of the operators.

Expanded Metal Machine Guard Fencing Benefits

  1. Protection against mechanical injury accidents by preventing personnel from approaching machinery and coming into contact with moving parts.
  2. The ability to allow for continuous machine inspection and maintenance while ensuring the safety of operators.
  3. A sturdy and durable design, made from high-quality materials that undergo anti-corrosion treatment to prolong their lifespan.
  4. Customizable dimensions to fit the specific requirements of different machines and equipment.
  5. A cost-effective solution compared to other types of machine guard fencing, with the added benefit of being easy to install and maintain.

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